Affordable Housing Collaboration

Affordable Housing Collaboration

The Affordable Housing Collaboration in Minnesota: Outcomes and Lessons Learned series was an organized effort by the Family Housing Fund and Greater Minnesota Housing Fund to tell in-depth, comprehensive stories about the important collaborative achievements that contribute to a high-performing affordable housing system in Minnesota. Through the gathering of information, reflection and analysis, and ongoing conversation about the outcomes and lessons learned from these collaborations this project sought to inspire action to expand our community’s ability to preserve and produce affordable housing and improve the livability of our neighborhoods.

As intermediary organizations and supporting organizations of government, the Family Housing Fund and Greater Minnesota Housing Fund were in principal positions to create an accurate and meaningful record of the accomplishments of the many partners involved in these collaborative efforts. The combination of narratives, quantitative data, profiles, and overview information formed the basis for conversation among both those interested and working in the affordable housing field and those who are interested in collaboration more broadly.

Research for these stories was conducted primarily through a series of interviews with staff at the public, private, and nonprofit organizations involved in the featured collaboration, participants that utilized the programs, and other key stakeholders. Program files, newspaper articles, and other related reports were also used as data sources. Finally, quantitative data was collected and analyzed, as it was available.

These stories, like the programs and initiatives they describe, were the result of collaboration. The Family Housing Fund and Greater Minnesota Housing Fund are deeply thankful for all of our partners who made their staff and files available to us for research and for reviewing the narratives.


Home Ownership Made Easy  (2013)

Minnesota Homeownership Center (2013)

Minnesota Green Communities (2014)

Western U Plaza (2014)