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Housing Counts

2016 Data Released

In 2016, a grand total of 2,898 units of housing were funded for new development or preservation.

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We're Hiring

Program Associate

The Program Associate will facilitate and coordinate activities related to a broad portfolio of work that fulfill key objectives for the FHFund.

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Regional Profiles

Minnesota Compass

With FHFund support, housing, population, and workforce data profiles were expanded for cities, counties, and custom areas across the seven-county region.

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Mixed Income Housing

Explore the feasibility

How do incentives and affordable housing requirements impact the economics of housing development projects in the MSP Region? The calculator allows users to explore the relationship between various local incentives and the development of mixed income housing.

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Housing Choice

Owners/Managers Creating Opportunity

A strategic effort to increase owner participation in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, especially in areas with low rates of poverty and high quality schools, in order to expand housing choice for low-income and working families.

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Creating collaborative solutions that address the critical need for building and preserving affordable housing and making system enhancements that support family success.

Helping communities meet their housing needs in a complex and constantly changing market.

Build & Preserve

Increasing the supply of affordable housing

  • Preserve low cost rental options in the private housing market.
  • Preserve government-assisted affordable housing for the future.
  • Ensure all people in our region have a full range of housing choices.


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Access & Opportunity

Increasing family choice in housing

  • Improve stability of low-income families by reducing evictions.
  • Improve the quality and safety of the region’s rental units.
  • Expand access for low-income renters to live in areas of opportunity.


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Our process for change…

Identify & Explore

We research the causes of housing instability, identify interventions to address them and explore their efficacy.

Pilot Interventions

We work with stakeholders in the housing ecosystem to pilot interventions to test the efficacy of interventions in addressing housing instability in the seven county metro area.

Embed for Systems Change

After we’ve tested solutions, we seek ways to embed the successful strategies in the public or private sector.