Twin Cities Housing Policy Finder

Oct 2022

View the Twin Cities Housing Policy Finder here.

Throughout the seven-county Twin Cities region, jurisdictions are advancing housing agendas to meet the needs of the communities they serve. Local governments have an important role to play in promoting the optimal use of public resources, processes, and powers to support affordable homes, policies, and investments that benefit the whole community.

The Twin Cities Housing Policy Finder tracks local housing affordability, preservation, and protection policies throughout the region. Use this interactive resource to find links to adopted policies and ordinances and learn more about the local policy environment. 

FHFund developed this resource in partnership with Bennett Community Consulting and Visible City and does not represent an endorsement of any policy or ordinance displayed.

Information in the Housing Policy Finder is based on voluntary survey responses from participating local jurisdictions. To date, 5 counties and 30 cities have contributed policy information. We have summarized the survey findings and four case studies here: Housing Policy Finder Survey Results Report

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