The Space Between: Realities and Possibilities in Preserving Unsubsidized Affordable Rental Housing

Jun 2013

Most low-income renters do not live in subsidized housing, instead relying on the larger market of unsubsidized naturally occurring affordable housing (NOAH). As the tight rental market has incentivized property owners to renovate their property and raise rents—and as national investors discover the Twin Cities region—NOAH is disappearing at an alarming rate. 

This report explores the challenges in preserving unsubsidized affordable rental housing and makes recommendations for policies and strategies to identify and preserve these units. Family Housing Fund published these recommendations with the Minnesota Preservation Plus Initiative (MPPI) – a coalition of Minnesota researchers and strategic partners committed to proactive housing policy and preemptive, long-term housing solutions. 

There are some “light-touch” interventions that government and nonprofit actors can take to preserve unsubsidized affordable housing. However, these interventions should not be as standardized as programs for subsidized housing. Instead, they must be responsive to compelling needs, designed for specific situations, and revisited as the local rental market changes over time.  

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Housing Policy, Preservation, Research Report
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