Survey of Tenants in Single-Family Rentals in North Minneapolis

Dec 2023

This report summarizes findings from a survey of renters living in single-family home rentals (SFRs) in North Minneapolis, the first phase of a larger research project led by Family Housing Fund and the University of Minnesota Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA). The study explores whether the the experiences of renters in SFRs differs depending on the type of owner (micro-owners who own one or two SFRs, “small” owners who own three to ten units, “medium” owners with a portfolio of 11-50 SFRs, and “large” operators who own more than 50 units in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties). The survey results indicate that as the ownership portfolio size increases, the quality of the renters’ experience declines. Respondents living in homes owned by large investor-operators reported worse conditions, higher fees, and greater discrimination than those living in homes owned by small property owners. Micro-ownership was consistently tied to the highest levels of positive renter experiences.

As corporate investor ownership increases in the Twin Cities, it is important to understand how this shift in ownership affects the experiences of renters and impacts the quality of the housing stock. To hear from a larger sample of renters, FHFund and CURA are embarking on a next phase of research to survey additional households in North Minneapolis as well as Saint Paul and Bloomington with the goal of informing local policy action.

Data, Rental Housing Stability, Research Report
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