Qualified Rental Housing Administrators and Receivers

Oct 2018

In response to a series of evictions and displacement due to habitability concerns for rental properties in Minneapolis, Family Housing Fund evaluated regulatory enforcement tools and concluded that the ability for a Court-appointed Administrator in a Tenant Remedies Action to pursue a first priority lien in order to make necessary habitability repairs would dramatically change the City of Minneapolis’ ability to pursue enforcement. It would provide a greater confidence that, with funds available to force repairs if necessary, the City could be assured repairs will be made and thus tenants will not be forced to vacate the property.

In March 2018, the Family Housing Fund published a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to identify qualified firms to act as Court-appointed administrator or receiver within the context of certain legal actions to protect and preserve low-cost rental housing and the occupancy by residents thereof in the Twin Cities metropolitan region. Through a review of applications and interviews with finalist applicants, an evaluation team identified Twin Cities firms who meet the Minimum Qualifications to perform the required Scope of Services.

This list may serve as a resource for the Courts, local governments, and other housing stakeholders in the Twin Cities region. Inclusion on the list in no way implies an endorsement of any firm.

What’s inside the document:

  • List of 6 qualified firms summarizing expertise and contact information.
  • Review Process and Evaluation Team
  • Scope of Services required by the RFQ process
  • Minimum Qualifications required by the RFQ process
  • Future Opportunities to Apply
  • Family Housing Fund mission
Housing Quality, Public Resources, Rental Housing Stability
Who is it for?
Housing Advocates, Policy Makers

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