Case Study: Project S.H.I.N.E.

Dec 2015

Project S.H.I.N.E. stands for “Shoreview Inspections for Neighborhood Enhancement”. It is a program designed by the City of Shoreview to educate residents and raise awareness about the importance of maintaining properties. Well maintained properties protect both property values and the quality of a neighborhood. This neighborhood enforcement and enhancement effort is aimed at maintaining the livability of neighborhoods and is a critical tool in the fight to maintain neighborhoods.

Each year in the spring and fall, the City selects an area of the community to concentrate code enforcement efforts. The efforts start with a proactive approach through direct mail notification to residents. These notices inform residents of the importance of maintaining quality neighborhoods and about the applicable property maintenance and nuisance regulations. City inspectors will then canvass the neighborhood to identify potential maintenance issues and follow-up with a letter informing the property owner of any violations. The City will encourage property owners to voluntarily cleanup their property within a reasonable time frame. However, in some cases, the city could initiate legal actions against nuisance properties that do not comply with local regulations.

The City of Shoreview has recognized that as the community matures there needs to be greater emphasis towards protecting the maintenance of the housing stock and neighborhoods. The City believes this neighborhood code enforcement initiative can assist in achieving the goal of preserving the quality of life in neighborhoods and the community as a whole.

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