Aug 7, 2019

Explore Our New Website!

We’re thrilled to share our new web presence with you. Head to our homepage to dive deeper into the work of the Family Housing Fund and be inspired by stories of people in our community who are taking action to address our housing challenges.

We had two primary goals in redesigning our site:

  1. Activate more housing champions. Affordable housing speak can get wonky and complicated fast: number of units… AMI… 4% vs 9% tax credits… QAP. But it’s really not that complicated when you boil it down. Very simply, everyone deserves a safe, welcoming place to call home. We all know how important home is. We know the feeling we get when we walk in our own doors. And when we talk about our home, we tend to feel something strongly. We want our website to illicit that same feeling of home and to help people understand viscerally why this is an issue we all should care about. Our new site uses beautiful photographs and personal stories to share that message of home.
  2. Help everyone understand their role. There is something each one of us can do to address the challenge we’re facing as a region and make progress toward a solution. If you’re a policy maker, a business leader, an engaged citizen and neighbor, a housing advocate or a housing provider, there is something you can do. We aim to provide tools and resources for each of these audiences and offer inspiring stories about individuals in our community who have chosen to step up and lead on housing.

We are delighted to welcome you to our new web home and we look forward to all the conversations to come. Thank you for being our partner in this work.

Thank you to the amazing team at Us Creative for bringing our vision to life!

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