May 23, 2022

Board Member Spotlight: Andrea Brennan

Tell us about your background and why you care about expanding housing opportunities.

Growing up, my family often had other people living with us, including a family with two kids who lost everything in a business that went bankrupt, a single mother with two kids fleeing domestic violence, teenagers without a safe or stable place to live, among others.  I learned from an early age that housing stability is a necessary foundation for everything in life – health, education, employment, and developing our human potential in what we love and can contribute.  I’ve always believed that safe, dignified, affordable housing should be a right afforded to all members of our community, and I’ve worked as a professional in the housing and community development field my entire career toward this goal. 

Why were you interested in serving on the Family Housing Fund board?

The Family Housing Fund was founded on the principle that we can create new and better solutions to problems if we work together – across sectors and across units of government.  I believe that this is as true today as it was the day the Fund was founded, and I’m grateful to serve.

What housing aspirations do you have for the region?

A universal rent subsidy program.

What is one area where you think people generally fail to think big enough – and what is your vision for change?

I hope and believe that we can expand an inter-disciplinary, cross-sector, collective impact model that recognizes the value proposition of all families, students, employees, seniors – everyone – having housing stability.

What do you do for fun?

Travel, spend as much time as I can with family and friends, being active outdoors, cooking, and learning new things.

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