Kirstin Burch

Program Director

Kirstin Burch is the program director at the Family Housing Fund, where she leads program strategy and oversees implementation of strategic initiatives to achieve the program goals. Prior to joining the Family Housing Fund, Kirstin led housing work in both the local government and nonprofit sectors, serving most recently as the Fair Housing Coordinator for the City of Saint Paul. Kirstin is passionate about holistic, community-driven solutions to housing stability, bringing experience in nonprofit leadership, culturally inclusive relationship building, and community engagement with a focus on equity, accountability, and results. Kirstin holds a bachelor’s degree in Individualized Studies with a focus on Culturally Inclusive Approaches to Economic Advocacy and Leadership from Metropolitan State University as well as a Leadership in Affordable Housing Certificate from Hamline University. Kirstin is a native of Saint Paul’s Frogtown, currently residing in Ward 6 with her three children.