Project Description

Home | Denise M., age 38

I never would have dreamed I’d be in a place
Where living check to check would become the norm.
Where school-supply shopping and clothing for kids
Would become like fighting a giant storm.
I was a college grad, married with kids,
When hubby’s job was suddenly lost,
Went from plenty to nothing just overnight,
Now would our family have to pay the cost?
Just happened upon some new townhomes
To be built by the former HRA,
It would be large enough to fit us all
And affordable to this family in disarray.
“WE GOT IN!” I cried when the news did come,
“Thank you, God, for what you provide!”
Our rent went down and groceries came easier,
All because of an affordable place to abide.
But it wasn’t over yet, you see my husband later left us,
A mom and four kids starting over again,
Again left with nothing, but I had this place
Called HOME where I could begin.
Divorce took everything out of us,
Yet two things gave us ability:
The love and provision God showed toward us,
And having our home provided stability.
Because our home has been an affordable place,
We were blessed to be able to remain,
The kids did not have to be uprooted,
And their friends and school stayed the same.
It’s made such a difference in the lives of my kids
To have a stable place to call HOME,
In safety and comfort and continuity for them
And the ability for me to continue on.
I just want to say thank you for providing this place
Where we have begun our lives over again,
And I hope that someday someone else can take my place,
When I move on with the rest of God’s plan.