Project Description

Del Bey | Click on image for more details

Artist’s Statement I strive to create images that are emotionally provocative and socially relevant. I believe photography is an educational tool that offers a reflection of society and allows us to understand ourselves. That awareness creates the power of social change.
I feel strongly about the need for affordable housing. There are so many displaced people on this planet. The problem can be overwhelming. For some, a home is a reality; for others, a dream, a wish, a memory. In any language, it’s a place of one’s own: somewhere to feel safe and have a personal universe, a sense of belonging, an external womb. The photographs in this exhibition span more than twelve years and explore the notion of home—within, without, and of the greater world community.

Some call it home,
Rent to own,
Take out a loan,
Equity stripped,
Home no more,
Land stripped,
Roam ever more.