Project Description

Camille J. Gage | Click on image for more details

Artist’s Statement
While working in the studio I’ve discovered the urge to bring forth images of stillness and simplicity. These works provide me, and hopefully the viewer, with an opportunity for quiet reflection, a sense of connection to ancient truths, and a moment of repose in a hyper- kinetic world.

Most recently I have coupled this work with both personal paintings and community-based art collaborations that investigate issues of home and community, the responsibilities of citizenship, and the power of political iconography.

For these new paintings for the Family Housing Fund’s “Home Sweet Home Again” show, I returned to the writing of poet, art critic, and essayist John Berger for inspiration. Berger has written extensively on the subject of place and space, and sees home as the intersection between the earthly world and the spiritual realm of the heavens—the bulls-eye center of two coexisting worlds. He bemoans the breakdown of this sense of place—life’s centerpiece— in the modern, more transient, and, for some, more economically challenging world. Berger writes, “The one hope of recreating a center now is to make it the entire earth. Only worldwide solidarity can transcend modern homelessness.”