Project Description

Materials | Beadrin Youngdahl

If youthful passion could surround them
They’d have had a fortress at the beginning

If her love could keep them warm
No blankets
Knitted with good intentions
Would be needed

If his anger could build walls
That held out the wind
Instead of the world
They would be safe

If their innocence
Could color a room
It would be sunlit
Day and Night

Fear and uncertainty
Laid like blocks
Stretch for miles
An unseen community

Dogma is cheap
Concrete and clay are line items
“Ain’t it awful?” is easy
Bricks and mortar are tangible

Duplexes that housed families
Of eight or ten; up and down
Bow to the authority
of demolition teams

A flat row of brick townhouses
Are born the next week
For half-a-million each
And a bargain at that

Small fires glow
near tarp-covered burrows
Homes beneath billboards
Broadcasting the Good Life