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Home Sweet Home Again

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“Tell Me Mama” | Charlene Torkelson

“Tell me mama, where will we go?
Where are we going to stay?
Where am I going to sleep tonight?
Where am I going to play?”

“Hush now, my little one, don’t be afraid.
Mama will find a way.
We’ll stay in a shelter just for the night,
I’m sure it will last but a day.”

“Tell me mama, where will we go?
The shelter is filled to the brim.
I don’t sleep well on this little cot and
The days seem so long and grim.”

“Hush now, my little one, we’ll find a place
With trees and a fenced-in yard.
I know I’ve told you times before, but
This promise shouldn’t be hard.”

“Tell me mama, where will we go?
I’ve no clean clothes today.
Someone took my small brown bear.
There’s no reason left now to stay.”

“Hush now, my little one, I’ll find a way,
To put a new roof overhead,
Somewhere to put a mailbox outside
And inside, a chair and a bed.”

“Tell me mama, where will we go?
I need some place that’s just mine.
A small corner to call my own—
Then everything else will be fine.”

“Hush now, my little one, time will soon tell.
We’ll save up the money someday.
A dream is a dream is a dream is a dream.
We need just a new place to stay.”