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Home Sweet Home Again

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A Place to Live | David Scott

No money down, the first six months free
Maybe for the Joneses, but not for me
Predatory lending, rent-to-own, house for sale
A system set up for me and mine to fail
Garcia or Whitefeather, what’s in a name
Before we start to play we’re behind in the game
Applying for a loan, it’s like truth or dare
American dream or reoccurring nightmare
No history, no temple, and so I’ve never learned
To make ends meet because I barely earn
Enough to clothe and feed my kids and myself
United we stand, so why not share the wealth
Broken promises, shattered dreams, and many regrets
Forty acres and a mule so let none forget
We’ve all paid our dues in one way or another
The true spirit of our country is to uplift our brother
So with all that is given and all that we’ll give
No one in America should be without a place to live.