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Buying a House | Sand Rector

To Whom It May Concern:
I filed for bankruptcy because my husband left me
and I had two children to feed and clothe.
There was no choice left to me as I also had a new job
and was afraid of losing it because
of bill collectors showing up at my work.
My husband has since left the state
and we don’t know where he is
nor has he made any effort to support us or pay his bills
which, as it turned out, I was also responsible for.
Since filing bankruptcy,
I have tried to improve our life in every way
and have kept up with our bills
and even managed to save enough for a down payment on a house.
I am hoping that by this letter,
you will take into consideration my circumstances
and see fit to give us a mortgage.
Sincerely yours.

The lady next door said she was surprised
that the house I had just purchased was still standing
and that it hadn’t been condemned yet.
We thought the house was perfect.
A safe neighborhood where my daughters
didn’t have their lunch money stolen every day,
a good school nearby,
enough space for us each to have our own room,
a house payment I could manage if I walked to work instead of riding the bus,
a back yard for the kids to play in,
a front yard to plant some flowers,
a kitchen with a stove where all the burners worked,
a dryer that actually dried the clothes.
To a neighbor, an old house to be condemned,
To the real estate woman, a fixer upper,
To us, a castle with endless possibilities.