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Home Sweet Home Again

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What Home Means | Steve Mueske

Home means not having to
rely on kindness
for a place to sleep. It means

space, to fill with the late-night
cries of a baby; to walk around in
as the Eastern light shines

through kitchen windows.
The word means more than just
a system of wires and switches,

copper pipes and vents,
places where one wall meets
another. It means being rooted

as a rose bush in the garden.
Surrounded on all sides
by green, house lined with hostas

and staked clematis. Cared for.
In the company of neighbors.
A place to hang photographs,

artwork, even the scribbling of
your three-year-old son.
It’s an address, a residence,

a place where you are known.
It’s the word you think of most
on those noisy nights,

with music blasting down the hall,
as guests pause outside your door
and laugh about tomorrow
never coming.