Project Description

Breathing Room | Carrie Monroe

One bedroom,
one bathroom,
sunny kitchen,
and dining room.

The most important
room—breathing room
Breathing room . . .
I can afford my rent.

Breathing room . . .
rent’s not sky high
to corporate offices while I
slave at three jobs to get by.

Breathing room . . .
I’m doing it alone
no partner or parents
helping me out.

Breathing room . . .
I have choices now
I can chose to work more
I can save extra money.

Breathing room . . .
breathe, relax, exhale
I don’t have to pay
half my income to rent.

Breathing room . . .
I can take a day off
rejuvenate myself
enjoy my surrounding.

Breathing room . . .
I can follow a dream
there wasn’t time before
working twelve-hour days.

Of all the rooms
in my rented space
I treasure one without walls
. . . Breathing room.