Project Description

A New Humanity | Andrea Jenkins

A man once said “I have a Dream”

you can’t buy a house with a dream
you can’t feed those babies with a


you can’t achieve those things without a dream either

So, what are we talkin’ about here, today?

we are talkin’ about how we gon’ stop the disproportionate

down of our brothers and sisters
we are talkin’ about how we gon’

get these drugs out of our communities

we are talkin’ about how we gon’ help lil’ Johnnie learn to read,

we gon’ help Miss Jackson buy that house that she has dreamed

how we gon’ become owners rather than consumers, how we
gon’ take

control of our own lives, for the sake of those yet to come, we

talkin’ about a New Humanity.
So I say to you today my friends,

Dream big Dreams
Dream the world you would like to see.
Then wake up and act, with sound

intentions, a moral consciousness and create

A New Humanity.