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Home Is Where the Heart Is | Jane Evershed

You held me,
I went to you for solace
You had soft pillows
For me to rest upon
And a warm hearth.
When I left you I was heartbroken,
No more warm summer days
With you.
Nothing to come home to.
Even the children are gone now.

I loved you
Never wanted to leave,
You were my shelter
Out of you
The world would pass by,
It would wave and say hello,
Acknowledging “normalcy,”
The season would change,
And we would be warm together,
Until that day, that I had to leave,

I couldn’t give you all you asked for,
I miss you, and I think of you often,
All those roses we planted,
Must be five feet tall by now,
I have since taken a new partner,
He is so hard and cold,
They call him The Street,
The waves and “hello’s” are aversions now,
I miss you, so much, my home.