Project Description

Where to Turn? | Shawn P. Dunn

Of all my chores
One takes precedence over
Washing dishes and
Sweeping floors:
Keeping the Wolf away
From the door.

He pays a call
When least expected,
Never bothering to knock,
Even uses his claws to
Pick the lock.

His eyes gleam with delight.
He thrusts a paw forward,
Fangs ready to bite.
Try as I might
To explain money is tight,
He pays no mind.
He’s come for an extended stay—
Like an unwelcomed guest
Who won’t give me rest
He moves right in.

He knows I lost my job,
Haven’t found another.
The Wolf found me right where
He knew I would be.

I now wonder about stuff I never did
When I seemed to have enough:

Will I end up on the street
Begging strangers for something to eat,
On the roam because I lost
My home?

Maybe I can move in
With Hope.
But where does she reside?
In the heart or in the mind?

Her kind is so hard to find.

Like describing colors to someone
Who’s always been blind.

Thought I found Hope one day.

But then I read the reclusive Hope fled.

They razed her residence;
Erected a strip mall instead.