Project Description

Wish List | Cheryl Criss

Build us one from the ground. In this housing program, I could help
build it too. I want it to have three bedrooms and two bathrooms
and a den, plus a study room for me too. I would love a great big
kitchen, so I can move from place to place. I need room while
cooking for my family and friends during the holidays. Give me
plenty of shelves, drawers and a large counter table to season and
cut my meat. I will be baking cakes and pies like mama did back then.

Make my living room fit for a queen. I would put elegant
furniture around everything. The den would be a family room for
the kids. I would put a big screen TV and plenty of games and
movies for them to see. I would go in and ask please turn that TV
down. I could hear it way on the other side of the hall. On the other
side in my room is where I shed my tears and think of the loved
ones I had to leave behind for so many years. It is where I study the
books for college to help me get a better job. This room is where I
pray to help me grow stronger and to heal my broken heart.

My son’s bedroom would have enough room to put all his action
figures and his Playstation too. Even though he has an X-box in the
family room. He likes to play quite to himself and just get away to
take his mind off of the way things used to be. Since we moved here
the nightmares have disappeared. My daughter’s room will be a
room filled with smart things like she is. It would have plenty of
books and a computer too. So she will need room to stretch her legs
or sit at her desk to do homework from school. She also wants a
large window so she can see the moon, stars and the clouds above.
To wake up and see the sunrise would really touch her heart you
know. Yes, this is my wish list, it’s something I dream to one day
have. A home where I and the kids can forget about our past.
Right now we are in a shelter. We had to do this because my
husband had lost his job and some family members too. He then
snapped and began to beat me, cut me and threaten to kill me and the kids.
When he began to hit my son for the little things he did. When I caught him
touching my daughter I knew this had to end. So when he went off to drink
with his friends, we left and never returned to that life ever again.
Now we go from shelter to shelter. Only my sister knows where we are.
I pray that my wish is not too far. Today, I applied for housing and filled
out an application for a job too. I’m taking steps so we won’t be homeless forever
and to one day live in peace.