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Home Is Where Your Heart Is? | Sha’ Cage

This woman I know
Lives in the valley of the shadow of death
she spends 24 hours a day outdoors
under a chain-link fenced box
Ringlets of concertina razor wire serving
As constant reminder that she is not human

In southcentral Minneapolis Hennepin County
a reinforced cardboard painted home stands,
its Gothic towers projecting an air of foreboding,

Ostracized by a community
who refuses her presence
she waits

Etched in between the folds of her memory rests
Front pages of panther papers bearing quotes that refuse to be silent
Dripping in Dred Scott residue, it reads
“Blacks have no rights that whites are bound to respect”

This woman I know
Spends 24 hours a day outdoors
While some of us are outraged