Project Description

Dreaming | Claire S. Aronson

I’m six
and I dream I’m a princess
in a castle
with a tower to look down from and wave at all the people
and smile at the handsome young prince who loves me.

I’m twelve
and I really want
some private space
with a door I can close and a desk to keep
my secret thoughts, things for school,
and the watercolor set from grandma.

I’m sixteen
and I wish our house was pretty
so I could have friends over
like the other kids, where we could laugh
and dance and play our music and neighbors
wouldn’t yell and fight every night.

I’m twenty-five
and my dreams are grown-up now.
I want to feel safe
and not worry that my baby
will eat the peeling paint
or I’ll trip on rotting stairs.

What I dream of now
is a sturdy house, a roof that doesn’t leak,
windows overlooking a clean street,
a place I can fix up as I like, a little yard
with flowers where my daughter
can play princess and her friends like to come.