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Home Sweet Home Again

Project Description

Bulldozed and Buried | Debra J. Stone

Houses stood here once
Yes right here, the old ones say to young ones who have
no memory

Sidewalk games played by loud and quiet children
Drawn with rainbow colored chalk
Bicycles and tricycles whizzed or wobbled
Jump ropes lay resting in the grass coiled like snakes
And vacant lots were fields for kick ball and softball

Hot summer, the time I remember best
Men washed and waxed cars
To a high glossy finish underneath tree lined streets
Women hung washed clothes
To dry on rope strung between poles in backyards
Hoping to catch warm breezes
Fourth of July and family reunions came bringing sweet
smoky smell of barbeque

Yes right here
Grandma Essie and Grandpa Joe’s house bulldozed and buried
For Interstate 94 going East and West connecting big cities


Bicycles and tricycles, rainbow colored chalk games on sidewalks
Memories of friends and neighbors aunts and uncles and cousins
Houses once lived and stood