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Home Sweet Home Again

Project Description

A Place Called Home | Evelyn D. Klein

Home is the place
our parents first create
in rooms of their hearts
warmth of their touch
food of their spirit
in space of their vision
life’s daily language and tasks
where we fit into the order of things
which helps shape who we are
in safety of belonging
inside borders of the family Haven

When flames of war or misfortune
lay claim to people’s houses
they devour structure and soul
of their existence
a family’s hope of being
the children’s dream of becoming
in the void and chaos of displacement
they cling to daily subsistence
in the circle of familiar faces
Homeless they drift like refugees
by the side of the road
without means or identity
between jobs
between countries
they look for a New World
a place to settle
moving from one state to another
strangers at the door

Like pioneers they long
to start over somewhere
stake their claim
on the American Dream
inside the fence of their means and direction
build a future in a dwelling
of their own reflection
furnished in colors and styles
that open the world to their children
to grow new roots and branches
members of the chosen community
in a place called Home