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Home Sweet Home Again

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This Dollar | Leigh Herrick

This dollar won’t save her or keep her
from her own rotundness where it backs her voice
begging largely for the money

This dollar won’t keep her warm forever
or bring her kids back up from mom’s or change
anything in her life completely:
not the man who beats her
not her joblessness or homelessness

This dollar won’t change her waiting
or asking for the handout & it won’t
keep another from bending his head low
as he passes

It won’t stop any sorrow or shame about what is
or change how suddenly she lets go the deepest sigh
This dollar will not provide a father’s
tender touch or a mother’s loving arms

This dollar won’t tuck her children in
warmly tonight or keep the sudden tears
off her cheeks or stop her from cursing
the passersby who refuse to find her story
in their eyes or even ask her why

This dollar cannot detect the distortion of truth
truth itself or a flat-out lie or
warm the bricks of Nicollet Mall

This dollar this one this buckaroo
small piece of dough thinner than
a Sunday wafer this greenback this old
georgie-o thimble against rejection’s prick

This dollar hoped to be one-of-six
giving ears for the hearer letting another speak
This dollar has only come to tell
how one seeks shelter from September’s cold

This dollar that only in a moment passes hands
where she is stopped that another may not have to
stand without

This dollar is simply representative
for how it unifies the space it crosses
like a door spread wide between two bodies
where human souls do meet