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Home Sweet Home Again

Project Description

Home Without a Home | Tim Connelly

I travel with a heavy backpack
strapped across my shoulders,
and a plastic bag of clothes.
When you are homeless,
these are the things you carry.
And tucked away somewhere
are the memories of a war
that are still fresh.
No yellow ribbons greeted me
when I returned home.
Now I soldier on each day
trying to find some place to call my own,
riding late night buses to shelters
only to be rousted out at dawn.
A private first class,
now a second class war veteran
walking the darkened streets.
Home but without a home.

American Dream | Tim Connelly

A small house.
A quiet street.
Colors balance.
Chi flows.
A childhood dream come true.
Harmony abounds.
All seems wonderful.
Life in full bloom.
Day, after day, after day.