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Home Sweet Home Again

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Evolution | Sha Cage

We be an amber people with blue and red voices
Tangled in thick twine with musty flavors
A cross-generation walking with raw feet and open arms
Extended to women and men
Young minds and street souls we call our brothers and sisters

Hand slaps, shakes and fist pounds, head nods, what’s-ups,
hey girls, praises
And soft gazes in recognition of our potential

We be an amber people trying to be strong, forceful,
and defiant
In a world that promotes the individual over the collective
In a world that rewards the rich and taxes the poor
In a world that continues to close its doors on those whose
backs its house was built

Erecting black shops, cafes, homes, mom & pops
in parts of town deemed ‘uneconomical’
singing kujichagulia
as nia and imani fall from our lips
seeking refuge between
blank pages of tattered journals
Lying in cramped Minnesota beds
remembering the taste of cornbread, mustard greens,
and sugar cane
forgetting the smell of burning flesh dissipating across
damp air

we continue
walking silently in orange shadows
Grasping for something/anything
we falter sometimes believing that we are incomplete

when what we must do is
find strength in our own hearts and
Evolve within the spiraling continuum that
is Evolution