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Home Sweet Home Again

Project Description

Out | Stephen Burt

“But I thought she knew about you and Shavon,” I said.
“She did. But she didn’t have to deal with it, you know what I’m sayin’? Kind of like your dad is, now, with you. He probably knows, but he don’t wanna know, and as long as you’re single,
he doesn’t really have to face it.”
—Nina Revoyr, The Necessary Hunger

Too high & stark for watercolor
To capture, the fire escape documents
The slim field of view for the willowy argument
Michaela, née Michael, faces. Should she
Take it, climb into another

Century to represent
The confident
Future of youth like her, on her own behalf?
Or should she unpack again? It is hard
To be halved, confused
To be made whole, unsure
& flattering by turns to be
A center of attention . . . The Plexiglas
Attached to the bus shelter booms with the wind. Home
Is not home. Rain spins. The night
Sky, a barrage of archery &
Street lamps, invocations and three-story

Families, makes things
Harder. What she
Needs, she thinks as she finds
The curb, swinging the duffel bag whose
Ivory stripe is her cloud-trail, is not even
A place to stay—just a place to land.