Project Description

It Feels Like Discrimination | Alyme Almendarez

“Even though we may not be citizens nor residents of the U.S., we have a number of rights that no entity nor government agency can violate. Furthermore, we have legal rights in terms of our housing.”
—Resource Center of the Americas

Fifty miles south of here
there is a family—representing many—
that has become displaced and misplaced and is seeking a place
in society
where there is none
to speak of.
And the paper says it’s okay
to raze low-cost housing.
It’s okay to evict families from downtown.
We need more business!
Too many vacant store fronts
looks bad.
And anyway we need
“a city where people live not just sleep.”

We need curfews and per-unit limits
to monitor too many people doing too many things
in very small spaces.
It’s overcrowded in our city of 2,820.
Seneca food plant can’t feed us all.
But the Nunez family knows
there is no place like home when there is no home.
And a tornado of witches wearing business suits
is sweeping the streets clean.

It is better to go somewhere else.
Nowhere is better—
under bridges like Franklin frogs.
There are not enough half-way houses
to accept half-way families.