Project Description

Afrika | e.g. bailey

i think of you often now,
dream you like a dense forest
in which is buried my Birth string,*
miss your tenderness
the softness of your desires

i am more a stranger now than i ever was
foreign in every city
home, a moon to which my mother sings
home, my heart pulsing at midnight
i stand outside of time looking at myself
i stand outside of myself looking at time
and how far we have strayed
we children of forgotten gods
dancing for the stars’ forgiveness
unable to remember the rhythms
borne of communion with God
unable to see the river which bears our name
which flows like the water from our mother’s womb

how will i sing your memory
how will i speak your pain
am i strong enough to love you
with the love you deserve?

* A Mandingo tradition, told to me by my mother. A birth ritual my grandfather would do for his children and his grandchildren, so that they would always remember where they came from and would one day return.