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Home Sweet Home

Project Description

Sandra Menefee Taylor | Click on image for more details

Artist’s Statement
For 20 years, my interest in home, shelter, care, and care-giving has been evident in my work. I think of the body, clothing, and the house as symbolic of containers within which life is lived and one’s identity and very essence are shaped. These symbols can refer to multiple desires and needs. To me, the symbols of a vessel, a garment, and a house convey a continuing search for, and expression of, home/shelter. The shapes in Wall Facings were inspired by a World War II-era book that describes how to convert into usable fabrics the clothing of men who have gone abroad to fight-in other words, how to make the best of things at home during wartime. It functions as a sort of memorial to those acts of love that sustain life even when hope is in short supply.

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