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Home Sweet Home

Project Description

Theresa Smith | Click on image for more details

Artist’s Statement
Together with a naturalist and a storyteller, I participated in an Artstart program for children between the ages of 7 and 12 in the Calibre Ridge Townhomes, a Twin Cities Housing Development Corporation residence in Roseville. We explored the neighboring natural world, focusing on the homes of insects and animals, many of which are nests. Our discoveries led us first to create animal-home sculptures and then to make a mural, titled The Heart of the Nest, that consists of tiles bearing words and images suggestive of different people and their homes. I believe these artistic results reflect the notion of home as a nest, a safe haven where the heart is. I owe special thanks to the bright, energetic children of Calibre Ridge, to Steven Grande, and to Ann Godfrey.

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