Project Description

Robin Getsug Taple | Click on image for more details

Artist’s Statement Homelessness and the lack of affordable housing are serious and daunting issues. As a community, we must face this grave reality and offer ways to overcome it. This piece explores the meaning of home and presents the housing crisis as solved. The work is colorful, alive, and happy. Whether viewed from side to side or up and down, the composition always leads the eye back to the center, to “home.” Moreover, the triptych format allows the three panels to be linked but separate, like a neighborhood.
The panel on the left represents family and expresses closeness, happiness, and laughter. The one on the right depicts community and symbolizes the richness of cultural diversity and the importance of fair housing practices, regardless of a person’s ethnicity or income. The central panel, softer and calmer in color, stands for home itself—as a place of safety and security, as a place where one sleeps.

Through mixed media, I use color in a bold and surprising way to evoke emotion. I use layering to suggest mystery, complexity, and revelation. I blend new with old “found materials” to express a sense of history, reminiscence, memory, and our link to previous generations. Symbols like flowers, butterflies, and hearts signify happiness and beauty. Keys and keyholes represent free and fair access to housing. The neighborhood garden, a childlike environment, is an extension of one’s home. Tactile and inviting, it welcomes all to come in. The garden, in fact, is a metaphor for both the family and the community, which blossom with “HOME” as their foundation.

“HOME” is a place where children can grow nourished by safety and the stability of nurturing families within their communities. It is a place they can call home through the cycles of life, a home for their children and their children’s children. I thank my family and community, my “HOME,” for inspiring my art.