Project Description

Ta-coumba Aiken | Click on image for more details

Artist’s Statement As the artist consultant to this exhibition, I believe we should all explore a subject that concerns everyone-home sweet home. By creating works that illuminate the concerns of the Family Housing Fund, we can help draw attention to the great need for affordable housing in our area. Theresa Smith, Russell Hamilton, and I have worked with children living in affordable housing to create artwork that tells powerful stories of the importance of home.

The images that you see in Home is Where the Heart Is? are from the children of New Foundations Supportive Housing. The images show the children’s hopes, dreams, and realities of home. I would like to especially thank Shawna Nelsen Tobechukwu, project coordinator, and the rest of the Family Housing Fund staff for giving me the opportunity to work on this important exhibition. I applaud the Family Housing Fund for recognizing that art can enlighten and change our society.