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Home Sweet Home Again

Project Description

Not Home | Laura Purdie Salas

I stay a lot of places that are
not home

crowded shelters sweating tears and Lysol
church halls bulging with helpful people who stay
8 feet away
dingy motels with watching desk men who think
I might steal sheets
Aunt Loretta’s small warm house on 24th where
she begs Daddy to turn his life around

all of them have pillows and soap and
space for us to stay
for a while

but they don’t have room for my past, my secrets,
or most of all,
my future

they are
not home

Smaller | Laura Purdie Salas

Life shrinks
without a home to live in.

It shrivels until it

fits into a
torn grocery sack or a
holey old suitcase,

until it is itty bitty enough for you to
throw your socks, your comb, and
your dreams
into that sack
flat out fast
when Mama snaps,
“We got to move. Now!”

My life has melted so small—
soon I expect to disappear completely.