Live MSP

Live MSP

Live MSP is a collaborative initiative to promote city living by recruiting new families and retaining current residents of Minneapolis and Saint Paul neighborhoods.  The initiative serves as a coordinated platform for the marketing of over 100 city neighborhoods and promotes programs that can assist with successful homeownership and renovation.

Started with funding from the Family Housing Fund, Live MSP works to reduce residential vacancy rates in city neighborhoods; increase the cities’ resource base; enhance overall city vitality; and improve environmental outcomes by encouraging homeownership in walk-able and transit-rich city neighborhoods.


Live MSP partners with the City of Minneapolis and City of St Paul, local housing and home ownership organizations, neighborhood and community development advocates, and the real estate and business community.


In 2014, Live MSP provided information and home buying and rental resources to over 55,000 people who visited the website.


To learn more about LiveMSP, visit, call 651-315-1477 or email