Graduate Fellow, Summer 2018 (Paid Position)

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Graduate Fellow, Summer 2018 (Paid Position)

The Family Housing Fund (FHFund) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to help the affordable housing network adapt to the needs of families in complex and constantly changing conditions. To accomplish this, the FHFund draws on networks to identify emerging issues; consolidates and interprets data to inform decision making; recommends adaptive policy, process and practice; convenes stakeholders for collective action; leverages financial, social, political and informational capital for investments; and tests promising new ideas. Please see our website for additional information on the FHFund.

The position: Working with the Program Officer (Build & Preserve), the Graduate Fellow will support the FHFund’s project, Increasing Housing Choice through Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Development. The position is ideal for a graduate student in urban planning.

The Fellow will provide in-depth research, writing, and analysis support for an “ADU in a Box” toolkit to increase homeowners’ opportunities to develop ADUs, and increase renters’ and multigenerational households’ housing choices throughout Twin Cities neighborhoods. The toolkit would be targeted to homeowners in cities where ADUs are permitted. The FHFund would also develop a set of policy recommendations for other municipalities in the Twin Cities who are considering implementing ADU policies.

Tasks may include:

  • Research and create content for the “ADU in a Box” toolkit to support the development of ADUs
    • Research zoning/regulatory context for ADU development in Minneapolis and other Twin Cities municipalities.
    • Create content for a technical assistance workbook to help homeowners navigate through concept development, permitting, design, finance, construction, and operation.
    • Assist in research and writing for case studies, including family/homeowner profiles, floor plans and technical specifications, drawing on ADU owners’, architects’, and contractors’ recent experiences.
  • Determine the potential scale of impact of ADUs in Twin Cities communities
    • Analyze the application of current zoning and building code policy to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and suburban Twin Cities communities to quantify the potential for detached ADU development under current zoning, codes and regulations, and in scenarios in which zoning, codes and regulations were changed/relaxed.
  • Support related efforts, depending on organizational priorities and the fellow’s interests and skills:
    • Creating financing tools for ADU development
    • Developing a set of policy recommendations to support ADU development
    • Facilitating engagement of design professionals to create architectural plans and/or modular development designs for ADU prototypes
    • Supporting convenings of stakeholders to frame the opportunity of increasing access to ADUs in the Twin Cities
  • Support for additional FHFund projects, to be identified.

The position is temporary, 30-40 hours/week, for up to 12 weeks, and may also be structured as a contract/consulting engagement.

Minimum qualifications: Enrollment in graduate program, and strong professional interest in affordable housing, community development, urban planning and/or related fields.

Required skills: Urban planning, GIS analysis, research, communications/technical writing, experience with land use ordinances and zoning.

Additional desirable skills: Policy analysis, architecture/design, housing finance, technical assistance provision, curriculum development, facilitation.

To apply: Review of applications will begin April 30, 2018. Send resume and cover letter by email to:

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