Frogtown Rondo Home Fund


The Frogtown Rondo Home Fund seeks to enrich the quality of life in the Frogtown and Rondo neighborhoods by connecting and enhancing housing resources and activities.

Launched in 2013, the Frogtown Rondo Home Fund is a collaboration of community organizations, philanthropies, and local government that seeks to enrich the quality of life in the Frogtown and Rondo neighborhoods by

  • Guiding the investment of housing resources in block-scale redevelopment to achieve high quality, stable housing and a variety of housing types.
  • Improving Frogtown and Rondo residents’ knowledge of and access to housing solutions
  • Supporting community campaigns to address systems that result in poor housing conditions, unequal access to housing in the neighborhood, and other quality of life issues.

The Family Housing Fund financially supports a Coordinating Consultant for the Frogtown Rondo Home Fund, adding value to existing neighborhood, city, and community efforts to create safe, vibrant, and sustainable communities.


In its second year, the Frogtown Rondo Home Fund (FRHF) is building integrated communities through coordinated public and social sector housing investments in St. Paul’s Frogtown and Rondo neighborhoods. FRHF facilitates the collaboration of 39 partners by bringing together community organizations, government agencies, and stakeholders.

In 2014, the FRHF fulfilled eight requests for funding, totaling $164,700. These small grants seeded pilot projects and new collaborations that were unlikely to receive funds from traditional philanthropy or government agencies, yet made significant contributions to resident engagement, tenant education, and the production of affordable housing.

More Information

Visit the Frogtown Rondo Home Fund Website.

Photo courtesy Frogtown Rondo Home Fund