• Family Housing Fund establishes the Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program in partnership with the Northside Residents Redevelopment Council and the St. Paul Housing Information Office.

January 1st, 1991|Timeline|


• The Fund Board approves a loan to Parkside Townhomes in Burnsville. This marks the Fund’s first loan to a project outside of Minneapolis and St. Paul.        • In partnership with the Saint Paul Public Housing Agency, the Fund supported creation of the Home Ownership Made Easy (HOME) Program, which provides education, counseling, and financial assistance to families living in public housing or receiving Section 8 assistance so they can become homeowners.

January 1st, 1990|Timeline|


• The Board votes to invite the Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) to establish a Twin Cities program and provides an initial $325,000 grant.

January 1st, 1987|Timeline|


• The Board votes to extend its activities to include supportive housing for the homeless, adopts a More Than Shelter plan, based on a continuum of care.

January 1st, 1985|Timeline|


• Family Housing Fund votes to establish the Twin Cities Housing Development Corporation, TCHDC.

January 1st, 1983|Timeline|