• The Fund convenes the first meeting of an interagency group to help the Minneapolis Public Housing Agency implement a portion of the Hollman settlement that calls for the development of 590 public housing units in the suburbs.

January 1st, 1998|Timeline|


• The Family Housing Fund formally amends its articles and by-laws to extend its service area to include not only the two central cities but also the entire seven-county metropolitan area.         • The Fund becomes a supporting organization of the Metropolitan Council and the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency.

January 1st, 1997|Timeline|


• The Board approves its first Public Information/Communications Plan.

January 1st, 1996|Timeline|


• The Fund convenes the first meeting of the Interagency Stabilization Group to address issues related to the performance of existing subsidized projects. The Family Housing Fund continues to chair this group today.

January 1st, 1993|Timeline|


• The Family Housing Fund Board votes to support the establishment of the Home Ownership Center to provide services to help low-income families become successful homeowners and provides a $160,000 grant.        • The Board votes to invite the Corporation for Supportive Housing to establish a Twin Cities program and provides an initial $100,000 grant.

January 1st, 1992|Timeline|