The new City of Saint Paul 4d Affordable Housing Incentive Program is accepting applications through March 8, 2019.

Owners of rental housing who enroll apartments in the program receive a 40% reduction in property taxes in exchange for making a 10-year commitment to keeping rents affordable.

Detailed information about the Saint Paul 4d program, and a link to the application, is available on the City of Saint Paul website.

FHFund has compiled a list of FAQs based on real questions from interested potential participants in Saint Paul.[1]

Municipalities throughout the Twin Cities are adopting 4d Affordable Housing Incentive Programs to help preserve naturally occurring affordable housing:

Click here  to read about the experience of a participant in the Minneapolis program.

Click here to see Edina’s program guidelines for the Property Tax Reduction and Grant Program pilot; applications in Edina are accepted through March 14, 2019.

[1] While the information in this document is intended to be as accurate as possible, the City of Saint Paul and the State of Minnesota are ultimately responsible for interpreting program rules and relevant legislation.