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Affordable Rental Housing Does Not Reduce Property Values (Updated)

The Fund has commissioned an updated to the report by Maxfield Research exploring the relationship between affordable rental housing and neighboring property values—the original report, published in 2000, can be found here. As in the original study, the 2014 report found little to no evidence to suggest that the construction of affordable rental housing hurt the performance of home sales. In the areas studied, home sales displayed similar or stronger performance in the period after affordable rental housing was built compared to a control group.
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November 24th, 2014|Fact Sheet, Report|

Updated: Housing Counts 2013

The Family Housing Fund and HousingLink  have published a new Housing Counts report each year since 2002 in order to create an ongoing historical record for the Twin Cities seven-county metro area.The purpose of this report is to provide housing leaders and other stakeholders an accurate and consistent way of tracking affordable housing production and preservation. For more information about Housing Counts contact Dan Hylton, Research Manager at HousingLink, at (612) 767-4682 (ext 4) or

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November 21st, 2014|Report|